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Festival schedule will be announced later on!

Key Information:


  1. When you arrive you need to complete your registration at the reception desk.
  2. Your bracelet shows which classes you can get into. You can only enter main classes that match your bracelet color. Combo, Full and Theme Class passes can enter ALL theme classes.
  3. Combo pass owners will have two bracelets. One for the lindy hop classes, one for the 3 hours of solo jazz classes.
  4. All Lindy Hop Full Passes have different colors that show which track they belong to. You can check your class schedule with your bracelet color from the festival schedule.


  1. Advanced and Intermediate/Advanced Lindy Hop Full Pass owners have to enter the auditions and be ready with their bracelets at 9.00am Friday morning. During auditions, the teachers might change your level. We will give you another bracelet depending on the audition results. Intermediate Lindy Hop Full Pass owners do not need to enter auditions.
  2. There are two separate solo jazz tracks. You can’t enter each other’s classes.
  3. There are no pre-registrations for Theme classes. However due to the capacity of the classroom we will follow “First Come, First Serve ” method to enter the classes. When the personnel says it’s full you have to check another theme class.

Special events:

  1. We will have a talk and conversation with Marie N’diaye on Friday at DasDas. It is open to all participants.
  2. We have our “Show Night” on Saturday  before the party. This is the only time we will have shows from the teachers and the participants during the festival, so better not miss the “Show night”.
  3. Competition registrations will start on Friday 12.00am from the reception desk. You can only enter 1 Mix&Match competition, Open or Pro. Pro level is for our teachers and participants, which have international competition experience at higher levels.
  4. The Solo Jazz competition on Sunday will be a fun competition with no pre-registration. It will include many different genres of music and the context is to choose finalists that will make a fun final for the audience at the party. We are not looking for the “best” dancers necessarily.,
  5. The Champions Cup Qualifier is for the Savoy Cup event in France in April. The winner will be qualified for the finals and get the prize money as a support for the expenses.
  6. The registration fee for the competition is as follows:
    1. Open Mix & Match and Open Strictly – 5 Euros per person
    2. Champions Cup Qualifier – 20 Euros per couple
    3. Pro Mix & Match and Jazz Competitions are free to enter